Scrollie Rollies: Misfits and Unfinished Stories

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Misfit dice and untold stories sets are UNFINISHED dice that may have small cosmetic flaws or need more finishing work, but are otherwise perfectly playable. They come uninked and trimmed, but not sanded. This listing is for a 7-piece set: d20, d12, d10, d%, d8, d6, d4, unfinished.

These sets have actual book pages embedded inside the warm, glimmering resin. They're the perfect dice for a wizard, a librarian, or anyone who loves the mystique of the written word- or someone who wants to get a taste of dicemaking or alchemy.

All dice are ready to ship, and may only be available in limited quantities. Please refer to listing and shop announcement for current processing times. Dice are not edible, please do not cronch.