Junkrat Overwatch Inspired Hand Stamped Pendant

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As a character of complete and total mayhem, Junkrat inspired this piece! It completes any outfit in the same way a frag launcher does- and what self-respecting criminal would be caught without that?

Our Junkrat-inspired pendant consists of a hand-stamped tag that yells "fire in the hole" and a grenade charm and is the perfect accessory for cosplay or gaming.

Each pendant is stamped by hand using hardened steel stamps and a bench block. As such, every pendant will vary slightly due to the handmade nature. All pendants come on a silver-tone ball chain.

As with all products here at the.evergreen.burrow, this piece is handmade and comes gift-wrapped. If rush shipping is necessary, please send us a message and we can give you a quote. All items ship USPS first class mail with tracking from Atlanta, GA. Expedited shipping available via FedEx- choose your shipping options at checkout!

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