Dice Pattern Mask With Filter Pocket

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Our Dice Pattern Face Masks are made for the Modern Adventurer! Whether slaying dragons or delving in dungeons, our masks have got you covered for a +1 to your AC (and a bonus to your Charisma- they're very fetching!).

Masks come in two patterns- Rhapsody in Blue and 90's Chic. Each mask is made with an outer layer of printed polyester, an inner layer of cotton with a filter pocket, and two adjustable elastic straps. Each mask will come with one replaceable filter. Masks are fitted to shape around your nose and below your chin; they measure 4.5 inches tall (at the highest point) and 8 inches wide.

Our masks, while amazing, are not meant as a replacement for medical devices. When worn correctly, there is evidence that masks and face-coverings can reduce the spread of illness. Please continue to use other forms of care as well- maintain social distance, wash your hands, limit interpersonal interactions as much as possible. Masks absolutely cannot be returned once purchased, for sanitary reasons.