Dice Bag Fanny Pack Bum Bag

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The first thing every adventurer needs is a high-quality bag of holding! Slightly retro and 100% fun, our dice bag fanny packs are the perfect gaming accessory. They hold 200+ dice, a few pens, and anything else you'll need for game night. Three zipper pockets keep everything organized and at your fingertips. A large central pocket holds dice, miniatures, a wallet, keys, etc; the smaller front pocket is perfect for pencils and the larger back pocket can hold a small notebook or other ephemera.

Our bags are made with high quality canvas and lined in black polyester; they're easy to clean and are made to last! Dice bag fanny packs come in two colorways- Rhapsody in Blue or Neon Chic.

Waist strap is adjustable and measures 32"-44".

No dice are included in your purchase- just a fantastically cool fanny pack! Gift wrap available on request.