D&D Gift D20 Pin of Critical Hits Gamer Pin Tabletop Game Pin

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Any outfit, dice bag, or snazzy vest is made more wonderful with our Pin of Critical Hits! This D20 pin can give such bonuses as: +1 to Awesome, +2 to Sparkle and an undefinable Charisma bump (a permanent side effect!). This glittery D20 pin is the perfect accessory to any gaming outfit, and makes the perfect gift for party members and DMs alike!

Pin of Critical Hits measures just over 2 inches and is stitched on glittery vinyl in a variety of colors: Black, Green, Teal, Gold and Pink (other colors available upon request). A bar pin secures the magic item securely to the fabric of your choice.

As with all products here at the.evergreen.burrow, this piece is handmade and comes gift-wrapped. All orders ship USPS first class mail with tracking, or FedEx Ground if that option is selected.