Arctic Wisp Handcrafted Dice Set

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Arctic Wisp

Icy wind whips at the enemy
Winning this fight is your destiny
Frost giants of old
Make victory manifold
Burn bright, make your own legacy

These sparkly dice are handcrafted in my studio in Atlanta; no two sets are the exact same. A deep blue mica is swirled with transparent sparkly resin to make these polar wonders.

Each full set takes over 12 hours of work to finish, and are a work of art! These dice are as balanced as mass-produced sets; the weight of the inclusions is so close to the weight of the resin that there is no discernible effect on the fairness of the rolls. Each set is handcrafted to as close to perfect as we can get; there still may be some very minor flaws as in all artisan dice. Please examine photographs carefully!

All dice are ready to ship, and may only be available in limited quantities. Please refer to listing and shop announcement for current processing times. Dice are not edible, please do not cronch.

All our dice sets come with a protective wooden box and a dice club enamel pin as a thank you for supporting an independent artist.