Lucky Ducks in a Row Dice Set- Polyhedral Dice, 8d6 Set, 10d10 Set

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What a lucky duck! Our ducky dice feature an adorable yellow duck cast in clear resin. Measuring 26 mm, these dice are a little larger than the standard to accommodate our yellow feathered friend. These duckie dice are the perfect accessory for any fun-loving tabletop player.

Each Lucky Ducks in a Row set is individual- no two are exactly the same! Some variation in duck positioning can be expected. Regarding balance- the weight of the resin and the weight of the duck are very similar, so they do roll a random set of numbers! Check out our 100 test rolls video for proof:

This listing is for one set of dice- either a 7 piece set of 1 d20, 1 d12, 1 d10, 1 d%, 1 d8, 1 d6 and 1 d4 (with tiny duck prints instead of rubber duck miniature) or 8 d6, or 10 d10, depending on which set you choose. Optionally, you can choose to add-on a clear bathtub, which is perfect for displaying your lucky duckies!

Please keep in mind these dice are quite a bit bigger than the standard sets- please see comparison photos for reference!

We believe in bringing you the best ducking dice possible and we hope these dice bring joy to your tabletop experience.

If you're looking for a single Lucky Duck20: