Dragon20- Giant D20 with a Dragon inside

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Our adventurers recently came upon a clutch of baby dragons! After carefully raising them to adolescence, they are now ready for adoption to the general public.

Our Dragon20s are much larger than a standard size d20 (see comparison photo)- they measure 30 mm and are quite the statement at any gaming table. Featuring our custom font, these handcrafted, hand-polished d20s are sharp-edged beauties.

Each Dragon20 comes with an adoption certificate and a "nest" (a gift box) so safe travel to their new homes.

These Dragon20s come un-inked- all the better to see your new dragon friend! It is quick work for a customer to ink the numbers should they wish to- all you need is a small brush and a bit of acrylic paint in your favorite color.

Please keep in mind each individual die has been cast and polished by hand; I have worked hard to make them as aesthetically perfect as possible, but there may be some tiny maker's marks or blemishes- this just makes each die further unique and proof of handcrafted goodness.