Fenris Dragon Age Inspired Hand Stamped Pendant

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Wrap a red scarf around your wrist and follow Hawke into danger, trouble, and adventure! This pendant is inspired by everyone;s favorite angsty elf Fenris from Dragon Age II. This is the perfect gift for those enamoured (as we are) with the tattooed warrior. Beneath that spiky exterior beats a loyal heart; if you're not careful, he will lyrium ghost his way into yours!

A 3 dimensional wine bottle charm is accompanied by a brass tag stamped with Fenris' immortal words- "I am yours" and hangs from an 18" brass chain. Each pendant is stamped by hand using hardened steel stamps and a bench block. As such, every pendant will vary slightly due to the handmade nature.

As with all products here at the.evergreen.burrow, this piece is handmade and comes gift-wrapped. If rush shipping is necessary, please send us a message and we can give you a quote. All items ship USPS first class mail with tracking from Atlanta, GA. UPS quotes are available upon request.

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